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For Businesses:

Dealing with corporate immigration can be a real headache. That’s where we come in. Our team’s here to take the weight off your shoulders. We handle everything from getting your global team settled in the U.S. to making sure your business is ticking all the proper legal boxes. It’s not just about paperwork for us; it’s about helping your business flourish in the big, wide world.

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For Investors:

Thinking of taking your business dreams across the ocean to the U.S.? We’re your go-to team. Our investor immigration services are the real deal. From securing those crucial investor visas to navigating the complexities of international investments and even setting up your American branch, we have all the know-how you need. It’s like having a secret weapon for global business growth.

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For Families:

Family means the world, right? That’s precisely why our family immigration services are so close to our hearts. We’re all about reuniting you with your loved ones in the U.S., minus the stress. Navigating visas? Check. Legal residency? Check. The joy of having your family together under one roof, just like you’ve always dreamed? Triple check.

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For Victims of Crimes

If life’s thrown you a curveball and you find yourself a victim of a crime looking for safety and a legal way to stay in the U.S., we’re here to stand by you. Our team offers personalized, empathetic, and confidential support. We guide you through every visa process step, focusing on keeping you safe and upholding your rights. Remember, you’re not going through this alone – we’e right here with you every step of the way.

Getting To Know Our Law Firm

Serving Immigrants, Inc. is a full service, dynamic law firm that specializes in helping immigrants and their loved ones with a wide range of different legal situations. This often starts with assisting individuals and families through the immigration process. Attorney Magdalena Cuprys came to the United States as a refugee herself and eventually became a naturalized United States citizen, so she has extensive personal experience working through the immigration process. Ms. Cuprys’ personal experience as a refugee and immigrant is what inspired her to focus her law firm on helping other immigrants realize their goals and their American dream. Beyond the specifically immigration-related cases, we also help with criminal defense, personal injury law, estate planning, family law, and more as we have a network of attorneys we work with inside and outside our physical office.

Serving Immigrants, Inc. currently has offices in Miami, Clewiston and Florida and represents clients all over the United States and all over the world. We take the time to listen to our clients so we can better understand their situation and craft the exact legal representation they need. If you are looking for an experienced attorney who will give you a straightforward answer as well as the respect and attention you deserve, please contact Serving Immigrants, Inc. today.

We strive to achieve the level of customer service that would you achieve at the best 5-star hotel.

The United States is widely known as the land of opportunity. Many people choose to immigrate to the United States for a chance at prosperity. Indeed, obtaining a prosperous, safe, and secure future is at the top of the list for the reasons why someone chooses to leave their homeland to start fresh in another. Fortunately, many are able to achieve their goal of prosperity, safety, and security once in the United States. And even though the journey is challenging, it can be rewarding. At Serving Immigrants, our team of professionals is dedicated to helping individuals and families realize their dreams. With decades of combined experience in immigration law, we have assisted countless clients with various immigration matters and issues. Our expertise ranges from citizenship to business immigration, family immigration, asylum, visas for extraordinary ability, visas for crime victims, and everything else in between.

Immigration is an integral part of what makes the United States rich in culture, economic growth, and diversity. Our attorney, Magdalena Cuprys, understands that immigration is essential, and therefore committed to providing support and creative solutions to individuals, families, professionals, businesses, and all others in need of immigration services, no matter how complex. With offices in Coral Gables, FL, Clewiston, FL, attorney Cuprys is able to effectively represent and offer her skills, knowledge, and resources to clients across the United States.


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Square logo in yellow color scheme - Serving Immigrants
Detained Immigrants Free
A symbol of avoided deportations - Serving Immigrants
Avoided Deportations
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Client Testimonials

Not Sure If We’re Right For You? Read What Our Past Clients Have To Say!

“I would recommend Serving Immigrants without reservation. Magdalena and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They care about their clients and their families.”

Daniel F.

“Magdalena is an amazing lawyer, she’s not only great at her job, but she’s an amazing person and friend. She connects with her clients and helps them as much as she can, she gives all of her on every case to help everyone. I recommend her 100%!!!!”

Jordana A.

“I highly recommend Magdalena and her amazing team, as they are experienced, committed, and extremely passionate about their work!”Connie K.

Connie K.

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