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Man exchanges money, in front of a girl whose hands are tied, possible trafficking.

How To Obtain The T Visa For Trafficking Victims

Not all Visas are provided for employees and business creators or their family members; some are reserved for that fundamental American goal: welcoming the poor, lost, and forgotten.

Among them, immigration law makes it a priority to protect those who have been brought to this country against their will: the victims of labor or sexual trafficking. These individuals have suffered greatly on their way to, and potentially even during months or years in the USA.

Victims of such human trafficking in Miami, Clewiston, and Orlando, Florida, can apply for a T Visa with our help. The T Visa is specifically designed to help those who are or were recruited, transported, or harbored for the intent of prostitution, sexual exploitation, or forced labor in the United States.

Who Is Eligible For A Trafficking Victim T Visa To The United States?

If you are a victim of trafficking, it is imperative to talk to a trafficking victims’ visa attorney. The conditions for obtaining one are far from automatic, nor always easy to meet.

Given the difficulties inherent in your situation, T Visa applications are even more complicated than other visa procedures (which are not known for their straightforwardness). They require far more than just filling out the right forms, though fortunately, they also take special precautions for applicants in precarious situations, for example, letting you assign a different address for your paperwork to be sent to.

In addition to all the proper forms, evidence must be provided of your situation. This must include evidence of both the trafficking you were a victim of and the service you were forced into in the United States. Next, you must show that you helped work with law enforcement and cooperation, which can be complicated and dangerous.

Finally, we must also demonstrate that you face significant danger should you be forced to return to your home country after being denied the visa.

These tasks are not always simple, and given the stakes involved, it is vital to have an experienced attorney at your side.

What Protections And Rights Does The T Visa For Trafficking Victims Provide?

The T Visa is not just your ticket to stay in the United States after your ordeal; it is a path toward integration, stability, and a better future.

The T Visa comes with employment authorization, which means you will finally be able to get a real job and fund your independence without fear. It is viable for up to four years, and you can even apply for specific extensions if needed.

You can also move to apply for residency and eventually citizenship as well, which means the T Visa could be the start of your legal residence and eventual fresh start in the US.

Finally, the T Visa can even be a status given to certain qualifying family members. This could allow your family to be reunited and for them to eventually benefit from the same rights and protections as you, including, eventually, a path toward residency or citizenship.

All of these steps must, however, be completed correctly and in the right order if you wish to benefit from the rights and protections provided. Fortunately, your attorney will be more than happy to help you with these important subsequent procedures.

Why Hire An Immigration Attorney To Help With Your T Visa Application?

Obtaining your T Visa status is not just a path toward freedom and a fresh start; it is also one step on a larger road to justice for what has happened to you.

Given the importance of this Visa and the possible benefits you stand to gain from it (including financial compensation and assistance from state or federal programs), you will want to have an experienced professional to guide you through it.

Law enforcement and immigration officials can be intimidating. You deserve an immigration and visa attorney like Magdalena Cuprys on your side throughout the process.

If you have been the victim of severe human trafficking for labor or sex, we can help you obtain the T Visa you need. Do not suffer one day longer, call (305) 907-6151 or contact us discretely online.

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