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Business Immigration

Business immigration is an example of how the immigration process can benefit both the United States as a whole and those who come here for new opportunities. Through business immigration programs, U.S.-based and international companies with U.S. branches can hire international applicants for jobs that cannot be filled by U.S. nationals. This type of immigration typically requires a specific skill set and job opportunity. We’ll look over your job offer and help you get the correct paperwork filed, or if you want to hire internationally, we will help you begin the process on behalf of your employee.

Immigration Options For Individuals With Job Offers Or Specialized Skills

Employment Visas

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United States that require specific skills and talents. In many cases, however, there are not enough residents in a given area that have those skills. When this is the case, employers bring in individuals from around the world to fill these jobs. In order to come to the country for this type of work, you’ll need to obtain the proper employment visa to do the job. There are a few different types based on what type of work is being done and other factors. We can work with either the immigrant who will be working or the employer looking to bring in employees to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

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