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O-1 Visa

When seeking entry into the United States, it is highly advised to consult with an immigration law attorney to determine the right visa for your needs. It is important to note that immigration visas vary, and even though you might qualify under several visas, a knowledgeable immigration law attorney can guide you toward the visa that would best suit your circumstance. While some are able to obtain entry through their relation to family members, others are fortunate to work for an employer that facilitates entry. For instance, individuals who offer specialized or extraordinary ability in an area within the sciences, art, athletics, education, or business can petition for an O-1 Visa.

An O-1 Visa is known as the extraordinary ability visa. If granted, it offers you entry to the United States temporarily for a maximum of three years with the opportunity to extend your stay in one-year increments. There is no limit to the number of times you can extend your O-1 Visa. If you are considering applying for an O-1 Visa, it is essential to talk to an O-1 Visa lawyer for more details. An O-1 Visa lawyer who specializes as an extraordinary ability visa attorney can help explain the requirements and criteria. As an O-1 Visa petitioner, you must be able to show national or international acclaim in your specialized field. The O-1 Visa offers several advantages over other employment type visas. To determine whether the O-1 Visa is applicable, contact our O-1 Visa lawyer, Magdalena Cuprys, today.

Visa Options For Individuals With Extraordinary Achievements

The O-1 visa is intended for individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements within their field.

There are two subclassifications in the O-1 visa. The O-1A visa is intended for those in the fields of science, education, business, or athletics. The O-1B visa serves those in the arts, the motion picture industry, or the television industry.

Applicants for the O-1A visa must meet at least three of these conditions:

  • National or international awards in their professional field
  • Work featured in mainstream media, professional publications, or trade publications
  • Membership in professional associations that require outstanding achievements as recognized by experts in the field
  • Original contributions of major significance in their professional field
  • Scholarly articles in professional journals
  • A high salary or other indication of an individual’s value to an organization, proven by contracts or other documentation
  • Participation as a judge (either individually or on a panel) of others’ work in the same field
  • Role in an essential capacity for an organization with a distinguished reputation

Those applying for the O-1B visa must meet three of these requirements:

  • Have performed or be scheduled to perform services as a starring participant in productions that have a distinguished reputation
  • National or international recognition for professional achievements
  • Scheduled to perform in a lead, critical, or starring role for an organization or establishment with a distinguished reputation
  • Record of commercial or critically acclaimed successes
  • Recognition from organizations, government agencies, critics, or recognized experts
  • High salary or other benefits indicating their value to an agency or employer

Applicants for an O-1 visa must supply evidence to demonstrate their qualifications. Upon receiving the O-1 visa, an individual can stay up to three (3) years, depending on how long it takes to complete the task or event for which they originally entered the United States and can apply for permanent resident status after one year in O-1 visa status.

If you plan on entering the United States on an O-1 visa or you have an employee who may qualify for an O-1 visa, contact us to find out how we can help during the application process. Requirements vary slightly between fields, and the team at Serving Immigrants, Inc. can help you meet application requirements and move through the immigration process smoothly. Reach out to us today to schedule a strategy session.

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