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EB-1 First Preference Visa For Individuals With Extraordinary Ability

Intended for individuals with extraordinary abilities in a specific area, the EB-1 visa has stringent requirements. The requirements for the EB-1 visa are similar to the requirements for the O-1 visa. However, while an O-1 visa is temporary and leads to nonimmigrant status, the EB-1 is designed for those seeking permanent immigrant status. There are three (3) categories within the EB-1 visa:

  • Extraordinary ability: Demonstrated achievement in the sciences, the arts, athletics, or business; must meet at least three (3) criteria to qualify under this category
  • Professors and researchers: At least three (3) years of research or teaching experience within their academic area; applicants must be pursuing a tenure-track position and meet two qualifying criteria
  • Manager or executive: Must have been employed in a managerial or executive position by a corporation for at least one (1) year of the three (3) years prior to the application

Those applying under the extraordinary ability category must meet at least three (3) of these criteria:

  • Nationally or internationally recognized awards for excellence
  • Membership in industry associations that require outstanding achievement for acceptance
  • Has been written about in professional or trade publications
  • Has been asked to judge the work of others in their field
  • Work-related contributions of significance to their field of employment
  • Publication of scholarly articles in relevant publications
  • Work displayed at showcases or exhibitions
  • Served in a leading role in distinguished organizations
  • Earned a high salary or similar compensation for their work in the field
  • Evidence of commercial success

For an individual seeking entrance as an outstanding professor or researcher, they must meet at least two (2) of these qualifications:

  • Received significant prizes or awards for their achievement
  • Membership in associations with stringent entrance requirements
  • Their published work has been written about in scholarly journals or professional publications
  • Served as a judge of others’ work in the field
  • Scientific or scholarly contributions to their field
  • Publication of scholarly books or articles

The process of securing an EB-1 visa requires substantial documentation and evidence. Get started with help from Serving Immigrants, Inc. Contact us today to set up a strategy session.

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