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Representation And Advocacy For Immigration Bond Hearings

The clock begins ticking as soon as an individual is placed in immigration detention. A number of offenses may lead to being detained, including overstaying a visa, entering the country unlawfully, or committing a criminal offense.

An immigrant may be detained for days, weeks, months—or possibly even years—depending on how long it takes to get a hearing. However, the process can also move swiftly and lead to prompt removal, so it is important for a detained immigrant or their family to seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

When an individual is detained, the government determines whether or not they qualify for bond. Those who are granted bond can leave the detention center once bond has been paid. This provides assurance that they will return for their hearing. The bond is money that is paid to ICE to assure that an immigrant attends his future removal hearings. After removal hearings are concluded, ICE returns the full amount of the bond to the obligor. Generally, the bond amount accrues interest.

Before an immigrant can post bond and leave the detention center, the court must determine whether or not they qualify. Bond may not be granted if someone has arrived in the country and does not have a credible fear of returning home, poses a risk to the community, or is a flight risk.

You may wonder if you really need an attorney at your bond hearing. During your hearing, the immigration judge will determine whether a person is (1) a flight risk and a (2) danger to society. In determining whether or not one poses a flight risk and/or a danger to society, the immigration judge will consider multiple factors, including a person’s criminal history, whether or not you are a flight risk, your immigration history, your employment history, and whether you are eligible for any sort of relief from removal. It is crucial that you put your best foot forward, and you simply cannot do that without a lawyer. The team at Serving Immigrants, Inc. has substantial experience with these hearings and they know how to present your case in the best possible light. Prepare for your bond hearing by contacting Serving Immigrants Inc. and scheduling a strategy session now.

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