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  • Published: February 10, 2020
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A P visa is a temporary work visa that allows outstanding athletes, athletic teams, and entertainment companies, to work in the United States temporarily. P visas are also available for essential support personnel and spouses and dependent children. The length of the P visa depends on the classification and can be extended in some circumstances.

P-1 Visas For Athletes And Group Entertainers

These visas are available for internationally recognized athletes or individuals who perform as part of a recognized entertainment group. P-1 visas may be granted for up to five years and can be extended once every five years up to 10 years.

In order for an athlete to qualify, the person or team must be internationally recognized. This means they have a high level of achievement and possess skill and recognition beyond the normal level for that activity. They must also be recognized in more than one country. This can be demonstrated by showing a contract with a team, league, or international event. There are other requirements, as well.

P-1 visas are available to entertainers that are part of a performance group. The group can be as small as two people. To demonstrated international recognition, the group must have been nominated or received an international award or prize or meet other criteria.

P-2 Visas And The Reciprocal Exchange Program

P-2 visas are available to entertainers or artists and essential support personnel who come to the U.S. as part of a reciprocal exchange program. This provides for the temporary exchange of artists, entertainers, or groups. There must be a formal, written exchange agreement, and the labor union must have been involved in the negotiation or approved of the exchange. P-2 visas are granted for the time necessary to complete the event but no longer than one year.

P-3 Visas For Culturally Unique Groups

P-3 visas are available for artists or entertainers to perform, coach, or teach in a “culturally unique” program. The program may be a blend of more than one culture, but it must be unique. There must be a statement from a recognized expert discussing the authenticity and unique nature of the program.

P-4 Visas For Spouses And Children

Dependent children and spouses of P visa holders may be eligible for a P-4 visa. The visa is granted for the length of the spouse or parent’s P visa. P-4 visa holders are not eligible to work in the United States.

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