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  • By: Christine Limongello
  • Published: July 2, 2021
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Two weeks after he announced that he would keep in place Trump’s limit of 15,000 refugees, President Biden announced that he would raise the limit of refugees allowed in the United States. This came after the president faced backlash for his original announcement. President Biden said he would now allow as many as 62,500 refugees into the United States over the next six months. This eliminates the sharp limits placed by Trump on the number of individuals escaping war, violence, or natural disasters from coming into the country.


Biden faced harsh criticism after his original announcement that he would keep Trump’s limits in place. Democrats and refugee advocates accused Biden of reneging on a campaign promise to welcome refugees in need. Biden quickly backtracked, announcing hours later his intent to increase the limit. His later announcement demonstrated that the president had finally bowed to pressure.

Biden stated that the previous cap on refugees did not comport with America’s values as a nation to welcome and support refugees. Biden has had difficulty with immigration issues since he took office. He intends to roll back racist policies but is being called on to control the wave of immigrants coming from Central America. During his presidential campaign, Biden promised to restore the country’s reputation as welcoming to refugees.

In his later statement, Biden seemed to indicate that he understood that he had mishandled the issue by initially sending the wrong signal to the world regarding America’s willingness to help those in need. Biden also acknowledged, however, that the government will likely not meet its new limit due to budget and staffing cuts made during the Trump administration.

Republicans expressed concern that raising the cap on refugees would affect the availability of American jobs. However, studies have shown that refugees tend to fill those jobs that employers have a hard time filling with American workers. Republicans have seized on Biden’s immigration policies as a political weapon.

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