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T Visas for Trafficking Victims - Serving Immigrants

Visas That Provide Relief To Trafficking Victims

Victims of trafficking can benefit from a T visa. The T visa is specifically there to help survivors of labor or sex trafficking. Whether the trafficking is what brought you to the United States or you are already in the United States and after arriving here you became a victim of trafficking, the T visa is an ideal solution.

There are various important factors of the T visa that will make you a qualifying victim. It is necessary that your case be evaluated in order to be able to confirm that you are indeed a trafficking victim.

  • You must be a survivor of severe trafficking including, but not limited to, labor and/or sex trafficking
  • You must be physically in the United States and you must have remained in the United States since the trafficking occurred
  • You must have assisted law enforcement by answering their questions and obtaining any information that they may need. If the victim is a minor that this will not be necessary.
  • You must be at risk of suffering extreme hardship if removed from the United States.
  • The trafficking must have occurred on your way to the United States
The advantages of the T-visa is that once your T-Visa is approved:

  • You will have four (4) years of T visa immigrant status
  • You will also have four (4) years of employment authorization
  • You can often apply for Lawful Permanent Residency after being in T visa status for one (1) year
  • You will be eligible for federal refugee benefits including food stamps and cash assistance
  • In some states, you will be eligible for other public benefits
  • You will be able to petition for certain family members
Another benefit of the T-Visa is that unlike other visas, the T-visa nonimmigrant status cap has never been met; therefore, there are still 5000 T – visas available each year to be given out to trafficking victims.

It is very important that you tell your whole story when you speak to an attorney, it could be that you are a victim of trafficking in your current job or have been a victim of trafficking in a past job and you are not even aware that you are a victim of trafficking. This status has been created for victims and we are dedicated to helping identify trafficking victims and help them acquire their legal status and residency in the United States.

If you think you are a trafficking victim, if you ever were paid with a check that bounced, were not paid for work that you had performed, were underpaid, or mistreated in any other way, please call us to schedule a strategy session.

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