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Daniel Velasco: Case manager - Serving Immigrants

Born in Caracas – Venezuela. He is a Language Teacher with more than 13 years of experience in all levels of education.

He got his Bachelor’s Degree in the Universidad de Los Andes, Tachira.

Daniel has taken the great opportunities that life has put in his path, he’s not someone who likes to stay in the comfort zone, that’s why he moved to Argentina in 2018, and worked as a Customer Service supervisor in a ISP company, and later on, he took the position of stock manager in the same company. 

These experiences allowed Daniel to grow professionally and humanly. He improved and acquired new skills, as a teacher, counselor, planner, evaluator, team player, couch, and of course, as a better person.

The recognition of those who worked with him, it’s the guarantee of his commitment and effort he puts in every task and challenge.

Call Us To Get Your Case Reviewed - Serving Immigrants

Call Us Now To Get Your Case Reviewed
(305) 907-6151

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