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  • By: Serving Immigrants
  • Published: September 9, 2021

If you are applying for a visa, you will need to undergo an in-person interview. These are conducted at US embassies and consulates in your country of origin. Because the process may be new to some and overwhelming to others, it helps to understand what to expect.

For instance, knowing which papers (and receipts) to bring and realizing that you will likely be fingerprinted will make everything easier. When you have a solid idea of what to expect, you can focus on the interview and obtain your visa.

Embassies & Consulates

These buildings are where representatives from one country that live in another work. If you live in London and are trying to obtain a visa to teach in the US, you would go to the US Embassy in London.

Before your interview, go to the embassy’s (or consulate’s) website. Look for details regarding visitors. For instance, some embassies will want to see your appointment time. Others may admit people as they line up to get in.

And even more importantly, find a list of prohibited items. Do they allow you to bring a phone? Not only do some ban all electronic devices, but they will not store or hold them for you. Don’t let small things like this cause additional stress on your interview day.

It is even more important to know what you should bring. Though this will differ by location, you will likely need the application(s) you submitted, money for visa fees, and passport(s). Depending on your visa, you will be told what to bring, or you can look it up ahead of time.

The Interview

When you know which documents you need to bring, make a folder. Keep the folder with you. Have an idea of what order they are in. The more prepared you are before the interview, the better you will do during it. If someone asks for a passport or an application, you can hand it over with confidence.

Although it is a cliche to say you only get one chance to make a first impression, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Dress well, be confident, and act politely. Remember to speak slowly and clearly. If you don’t understand a question, kindly ask for it to be repeated. Answer the questions that are asked and don’t ramble. If the interviewer needs clarification on one of your responses, she will ask for such.

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