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  • Published: July 3, 2020
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Some businesses look to hire foreign workers out of necessity, while others see it as a way to expand their company. Whatever the reason, there are a number of benefits to hiring an international workforce and, while the process can be challenging at times, many businesses find it’s worth their while.

Shortages Of Highly Skilled Workers In The United States

The United States has a shortage of highly skilled workers in a number of important fields. There is simply not enough local talent in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. If you are having difficulty finding the talent you need in the United States, you should look elsewhere. There are a number of helpful visas available for highly skilled workers to come to this country and work for your business. The most common visa employed is the H-1B for workers with college or advanced degrees. For workers who are very highly skilled, you can consider using the O-1 visa for those with extraordinary abilities. There are a number of options to hire highly-skilled foreign workers for your business.

Foreign Knowledge And Language

If you are looking to expand your business globally, it can be helpful to have workers with foreign knowledge and other language abilities. Hiring someone from the market in which you wish to expand can be extremely helpful. You know you’ll be getting an individual who is highly effective at communicating with foreign nationals and can understand the cultural nuances that can help with business deals. Visas such as the L-1A and L-1B can be useful tools to bring over executives, managers, and employees with specialized knowledge from related companies.

Creativity And Different Perspectives

When you have a workforce of people all from the same background, there can be a lack of creativity and diversity. When you hire a foreign workforce as part of your team, you can have a wealth of creativity and different perspectives that can be advantageous for your business. The blending of ideas and perspectives from different cultures can lead to innovation. A diverse workforce can also lead to a rich and more fulfilling workplace for everyone.

An Immigration Attorney Can Help You Build Your Workforce

If you are interested in expanding your workforce internationally, you should consult with an experienced immigration attorney. At Serving Immigrants, we can help you explore the different visa options that can help you grow your business. Contact us online or call us at (305) 907-6151 to schedule a strategy session.

Call Us To Get Your Case Reviewed - Serving Immigrants

Attorney Magdalena Cuprys is a seasoned immigration lawyer based in Orlando and Coral Gables, Florida. With three languages under her belt and years of legal experience working with immigrants of all kinds, she brings considerable experience and insight to the field and works hard to explain immigration concepts, empower future citizens, and keep current and prospective immigrants up to date on US immigration law.

Connect with her firm, Serving Immigrants, to stay updated on the latest developments in United States immigration law and gain valuable insights needed to navigate the challenging legal landscape of immigration in Florida. Call Us Now To Get Your Case Reviewed (305) 907-6151

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