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José Camacho: Marketing specialist - Serving Immigrants

José Camacho was born in Barinas, Venezuela. He studied Civil Engineering at Universidad Santa María.

He was a member of the Student Center for 4 years, always with the aim of increasing the educational, cultural and sports conditions of all students. 

Passionate about sports and serving people, he is also a specialist in advertising campaigns (Marketing), he is currently in charge of being that link between the firm and people who have great needs of our help, through study and segmentation allows us to reach directly to people who are going through a legal problem and yearn for good advice and legal service that our firm can offer. 

His responsibility is to maintain communication and affinity with our clients through email, sending important news about immigration and legal cases.

Call Us To Get Your Case Reviewed - Serving Immigrants

Call Us Now To Get Your Case Reviewed
(305) 907-6151

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