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  • Published: February 26, 2020
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In some visa and green card applications, an in-person interview with a USCIS adjudicator is a required step in the process. An applicant is allowed to bring an attorney to this interview. A frequent question that is asked by applicants is whether or not they should bring an attorney to their immigration interview. There are some important reasons why it might be a wise idea to bring an attorney.

Help Explaining Facts And Making Legal Arguments

There may be times during the interview when a question by the adjudicator or an answer by the applicant requires some clarification. An attorney can help make sure that everyone understands each other and is on the same page. In addition, if a case has a factual or legal issue, the attorney can help explain the facts and make the legal arguments required to clarify the situation on behalf of the applicant.

Avoid Disaster

Sometimes an adjudicator comes into an interview already determined to deny the application. They may have a predetermined view that the facts justify denial. This may be based on an incorrect understanding of the facts or the law. An attorney can help avoid a disaster and prevent or delay a negative decision long enough to set the facts straight. Providing facts and making necessary arguments can be crucial to the success of an application.

Having Someone On Your Side

Even if the interview is going well, it can be helpful to have someone in the room that is on your side. Some applicants are nervous going into an interview, and having an attorney with you who is knowledgeable about the process can help you remain calm and give you the confidence you need. Being comfortable throughout the interview can ultimately help with the outcome.

Does Having An Attorney Negatively Impact The Immigration Interview?

Some applicants are concerned that bringing an attorney to their interview will signify that there is something wrong with their application. This is not the case. Having an attorney at your interview is your right, and many applicants choose to do so. There is no reason that having an attorney by your side should negatively impact your interview. In fact, many adjudicators like having an attorney in the interview because the help with clarification and explaining facts can make the process more efficient.

Contact An Experienced Immigration Attorney

If you are scheduled for a USCIS interview, you should consult with an experienced immigration attorney. At Serving Immigrants, Inc., we have the experience and the knowledge to guide you through the interview process. Contact us online or call us at (305) 907-6151 to schedule a strategy session.

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Attorney Magdalena Cuprys is a seasoned immigration lawyer based in Orlando and Coral Gables, Florida. With three languages under her belt and years of legal experience working with immigrants of all kinds, she brings considerable experience and insight to the field and works hard to explain immigration concepts, empower future citizens, and keep current and prospective immigrants up to date on US immigration law.

Connect with her firm, Serving Immigrants, to stay updated on the latest developments in United States immigration law and gain valuable insights needed to navigate the challenging legal landscape of immigration in Florida. 

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