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  • Published: July 21, 2020
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A P-1A visa is a nonimmigrant visa available to athletes who are coming to the United States to participate in their sport. If you are an athlete or the representative of an athletic team, then the P-1A visa is designed for you. However, there are some important requirements in order to qualify for a P-1A visa.

Outstanding Athletes

The P-1A visa was designed for individual athletes or teams who can demonstrate international recognition and distinction in their sport. An experienced immigration attorney can help you establish your record of recognition. When filing a petition, it will be necessary to include paperwork demonstrating that you or your team are known in more than one country as a highly-qualified member of your sport.

USCIS Requirements

Along with your petition, you must include a number of different documents. You will need a written strategy session from a sport-appropriate labor organization. The strategy session is an advisory opinion discussing the athlete or team’s distinctions and supporting a claim of international recognition. You will also require a copy of your contract with a United States sports league or team or with an internationally recognized event. You should also include a copy of your itinerary and an explanation of the event. In addition, you must include two of the following:

  • Evidence that you or your team have participated in a major US team or league
  • Evidence that you or your team have previously participated on a national team in an international competition
  • Evidence that you or your team have participated with a US college or university in intercollegiate competition
  • A written statement from an official of a major US sports league or team detailing your international recognition
  • A written statement from a sports media official or a recognized expert in your sport detailing your international recognition
  • Evidence of international rankings
  • Evidence of the receipt of a significant award or honor in your sport

An Experienced Immigration Attorney Can Help

If you are applying for a P-1A visa, an experienced immigration attorney can help you put together a complete application. At Serving Immigrants, Inc., we have the experience and the knowledge to guide you through the process. Contact us online or call us at (305) 907-6151 to schedule a strategy session.

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Attorney Magdalena Cuprys is a seasoned immigration lawyer based in Orlando and Coral Gables, Florida. With three languages under her belt and years of legal experience working with immigrants of all kinds, she brings considerable experience and insight to the field and works hard to explain immigration concepts, empower future citizens, and keep current and prospective immigrants up to date on US immigration law.

Connect with her firm, Serving Immigrants, to stay updated on the latest developments in United States immigration law and gain valuable insights needed to navigate the challenging legal landscape of immigration in Florida. 

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